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Why Dr. King Opposed the Atomic Bomb

On the intersections of civil rights, anticolonialism, and nuclear disarmament.

Trump, Twitter, and Nuclear Diplomacy

Complexities and nuance are not easily captured in 140 characters.

President-elect Trump: "Let It Be An Arms Race"

This morning, Donald Trump made it clear he plans to start a new nuclear arms race.

Peace, Prison, Pakistan and a Path to Uniting against Nuclear Weapons

“Nukes =/= Human Rights” flashed in the afternoon sunlight, as our banner fluttered gently in the breeze. Over a hundred bright red helium balloons floated in our corner of Racecourse Park, Lahore, both witness and testament to our grassroots-powered struggle against nuclear weapons.

Why I Joined Global Zero: A Perspective from Pakistan

This year, I wanted to become part of an effort that would benefit not only me, but my country and the entire world.

Not a Game: Operation Able Archer and the Nuclear War Scare of 1983

In November 1983, the Soviet Union and the United States -- the two prominent super powers – came extremely close to nuclear war. As the Cold War loomed, Soviet leadership was convinced that the U.S. was planning a nuclear attack. With each country in possession of enough nuclear weapons to destroy human civilization, any military movements were monitored closely. One particular military exercise, according to declassified documents, nearly triggered a nuclear attack.

Bring Nuclear Weapons to the Ballot Box


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