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Is Trump’s Nuclear Command a One-Person Show? Look to Sally Yates.

If you worry that President Trump’s temperament and character are inappropriate for the commander of the U.S. nuclear forces, you may be tempted to place your hope in the so-called "two-man rule." Don't be.

Trump Moves the Doomsday Clock Closer to Midnight

This morning the Doomsday Clock was moved forward to 2 minutes and 30 seconds to midnight.

What Trump Could Do in His First 100 Days (And Every Minute of Every Day for the Next Four Years)

What could Donald Trump do with nuclear weapons in the First 100 Days?

The Inauguration of Donald Trump, the 13th Nuclear Dictator of the United States

During the Inauguration Day festivities, a military aide will quietly attach himself to Donald Trump’s side. He carries a 45-pound briefcase; inside are the tools to end human civilization. This briefcase will be within Donald Trump’s reach for every moment of every day during his presidency, as faithful a companion as his shadow.

Join Global Zero at the Women's March on Washington this Saturday

Looking for a way to raise your voice during the Inauguration? This weekend, join Global Zero to stand up for women's’ rights, nuclear disarmament, and American progress at the historic Women’s March on Washington.

Why Dr. King Opposed the Atomic Bomb

On the intersections of civil rights, anticolonialism, and nuclear disarmament.

Trump, Twitter, and Nuclear Diplomacy

Complexities and nuance are not easily captured in 140 characters.


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