Messages that defied love

This Valentine’s Day, we came together not for love, but to end a relationship that we had no part in choosing. Global Zero members declared an end to the drawn-out, unhealthy affair with nuclear weapons -- and called on world leaders to follow suit.

Throughout last week, we received hundreds of creative, thoughtful (and hilarious) breakup letters from around the world. Advocates from nuclear and non-nuclear countries alike expressed their desire to #BreakUpWithNukes. On February 14th, our favorite images were included in Valentine’s Day packages for leaders across the globe with the following message: People around the world are ready to break-up with nukes. Will you join us?

Check out our Facebook album for more photos from the action.

In the immediate wake of our recent breakup, we’ll be setting our sights on Europe. Keep in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook to stay abreast!



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