Break up with nukes

This Valentine’s Day we’re not really feeling the love. In fact, we’re breaking up with our longstanding bedfellow: nuclear weapons. We’ve finally realized what ancient, gold-digging relics they really are, and that everyone would be better off without them. Let’s send the message loud and clear, so they aren’t left thinking there’s still a chance.
Make it count: Write a breakup letter to nuclear weapons declaring the end of your relationship. Tell them how much of your money they’ve wasted and that they’re a disaster waiting to happen. If you prefer, you could also write the letter to your government, encouraging them to dump nukes. Either way, get the message on paper. Snap a photo of yourself holding up your letter (make sure we can see what you wrote) and send it on in using the form below.
On February 14th, we’ll take your messages directly to government officials. We're all ready to break up with nukes, and they should be too.


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