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Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or just signed on as a Global Zero advocate, these handy tips will help you spread our message. These resources will assist you in leading the charge to eliminate the nuclear threat and achieve a better, safer world: global zero. For questions or more information on how you can be best equipped for the fight ahead, contact us at field@globalzero.org.

Tips for effective letters to decision makers.

Tips for effective letters to the editor.

Tips for effective phone calls to decision makers.

Host a Countdown to Zero Screening.


The resources below will help you build a solid presence in your community and set you on the path to mobilize for a world without nuclear weapons.
Logos: Get the official logos for all your online and print materials!
Posters: Customizable posters to raise your visibility!
Sign-up Sheets: Printable sheets to easily sign on the newest members of Global Zero!