Jennifer Knox

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Jennifer is a Global Zero student leader focusing on international relations and classical studies at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa. After helping to pull off the Global Zero Student Summit at Yale in February 2012, which was attended by 300 students and an eminent group of world leaders and experts, Jennifer founded a Global Zero chapter at Cornell.

Jennifer recently attended the Global Zero Institute in Brussels, where she trained some of Europe’s best and brightest students on international movement-building strategies. She also represented Global Zero at a special event at the European Parliament, where she and other top-tier international students called on members of Parliament to adopt an official declaration endorsing Global Zero’s step-by-step plan to eliminate nuclear weapons. 

Academically, Jennifer is as likely to be translating "The Aeneid" as she is to be studying game theory, and after class she’s playing video games, reading fantasy games or working on political campaigns.

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