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There Is Going to Be a Giant (Fake) Missile Outside the White House This Weekend

The presence of a nuclear missile on the National Mall sounds like a scene out of Independence Day. But this Saturday, such a missile—albeit a facsimile of one—will appear outside the White House.

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Anti-Nuclear Arms Protestors To Deploy 48-Foot Inflatable Missile Behind White House

As part of a demonstration urging President Barack Obama to abandon plans for $1 trillion overhaul of the United States' nuclear arsenal, activists with the Global Zero movement will deploy a 48 foot inflatable missile behind the White House this weekend...

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US-Nuklearwaffenexperte: "Die Zündschnur wird kürzer"

Bruce Blair warnt vor der hochtechnologisierten Atomwaffenindustrie.

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Major overhaul of nuclear force planned to improve security and morale

Stung by a series of scandals in the nation’s nuclear force, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced plans Friday to overhaul its management, calling for billions of dollars to upgrade equipment, improve training, increase oversight and address security lapses and poor morale.

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Death Wears Bunny Slippers

Along a lonely state highway on central Montana's high plains, I approach what looks like a ranch entrance, complete with cattle guard. "The first ace in the hole," reads a hand-etched cedar plank hanging from tall wooden posts.

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