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What Exactly Would It Mean to Have Trump’s Finger on the Nuclear Button?

To a degree we haven’t seen, perhaps, since the candidacy of Senator Barry Goldwater in 1964, the question of Donald Trump’s temperament and judgment on matters of war and peace is stirring attention—and trepidation, particularly when the subject of nuclear weapons comes up.

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The Nuclear Codes Come With Big Challenges For Clinton Or Trump

Whatever your take on the presidential race, Tuesday’s primary results make it all but certain that, come January, President Obama will hand over the keys to the White House — and the nuclear codes — to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Here are some of the challenges they will inherit on day one.

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Nuclear Weapons: A Curse or Blessing?

I am writing to bring your kind attention to the issue of nuclear proliferation. With India and Pakistan two of the most hostile nuclear-armed states, we live in one of the most volatile nuclear neighbourhoods in the world and it is shocking how little this is talked about.

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Responding to the Emerging Potential for War in Europe

The prospect for a regional war between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is growing. This reality is in stark contrast to the long-standing, sanguine belief that the West’s post-Cold War relationship with Russia is benign, even cooperative.

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Letter: Eliminate all nuclear weapons

I believe that a world jam-packed with 15,000 nuclear weapons, which can go off accidentally or at a moment’s notice, is unsafe for any life on earth.

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