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Manifestantes protestan en EEUU contra planes nucleares de Obama

Un gran número de estadounidenses se congregó el sábado frente a la Casa Blanca a fin de expresar su rechazo a los planes que tiene previsto llevar adelante el presidente Barack Obama para ampliar y renovar el arsenal nucleares del país.

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Nuclear arms protest makes Nashville stop

Members of an activist group called for the total elimination of nuclear arms Sunday afternoon at Centennial Park, with the help of a 48-foot inflatable missile.

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Protesters rally outside White House, demanding ‘total elimination’ of nuclear weapons

About 100 demonstrators, holding signs that said, “No $1 Trillion Nuclear Arsenal,” rallied outside the White House Saturday, calling on President Obama to halt plans to invest billions of dollars to expand and rebuild the country’s nuclear arsenal.

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There Is Going to Be a Giant (Fake) Missile Outside the White House This Weekend

The presence of a nuclear missile on the National Mall sounds like a scene out of Independence Day. But this Saturday, such a missile—albeit a facsimile of one—will appear outside the White House.

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Anti-Nuclear Arms Protestors To Deploy 48-Foot Inflatable Missile Behind White House

As part of a demonstration urging President Barack Obama to abandon plans for $1 trillion overhaul of the United States' nuclear arsenal, activists with the Global Zero movement will deploy a 48 foot inflatable missile behind the White House this weekend...

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