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The kind of movie that will leave you with a profound sense of existential dread, Countdown To Zero looks not just at the previous near-misses of man-made armageddon we’ve experienced in the past, but also examines how likely it is that the ongoing geo-political climate and large numbers of nuclear weapons in circulation will result in global annihilation before long. The answer? Very likely.

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Nuke Disarmament Groups ask Obama and Putin to 'Reduce Nuclear Risks'

Major nuclear disarmament groups are deeply concerned over speculations whether a Russian Tupolev Tu-160 supersonic bomber, intercepted late September in British airspace, was planning to attack the country and unleash World War 3. They have urged Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama to agree to “an immediate reduction in nuclear risks”.

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Is Corbyn right about nuclear disarmament?

With a replacement Britain’s nuclear weapons coming under review soon, Matthew Perry asks whether Jeremy Corbyn’s pro-disarmament position is the right way for Britain to go.

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New terminology to help prevent accidental nuclear war

Since the advent of US and Russian nuclear-armed ballistic missiles and early warning systems,  the danger has always existed that a false warning of attack—believed to be true—could cause either nation to inadvertently launch a responsive “retaliatory” strike with its own nuclear forces.

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Só há uma forma de evitar a guerra nuclear (There is only one way to avoid nuclear war)

Este ano, em 6 de agosto, dia em que se recordou a explosão, em 1945, de uma bomba nuclear sobre a cidade japonesa de Hiroxima, o jornal sueco Aftonbladet entrevistou o coronel Blair, agora chefe do movimento Global Zero para a eliminação destas armas.
“Acredita que as armas nucleares serão utilizadas novamente?”, lhe perguntou um jornalista. “Temo que seja inevitável. Bastaria um código de dados mais curtos do que uma mensagem no Twitter”, respondeu.

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