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It's time to take steps to reduce our nuclear arsenal

Many of these weapons are on highly sensitive "hair-trigger" alert systems, which makes them vulnerable to accidents, false alarms and cyber attacks. Maintaining such large and destructive nuclear arsenals does not make us safer.

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Letter: U.S. must reduce nuclear weapons

This visit to Hiroshima gives President Obama a chance to continue the proud American legacy, begun by Ronald Reagan, of working to reduce all nuclear weapons worldwide and stand our nuclear arsenal from high alert.

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The Old Arguments About US Nukes in Europe Aren’t Working. Here’s A New Approach.

Stressing the humanitarian dimensions of the debate over tactical nukes may break a long stalemate.

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US must lead nuclear disarmament

Obama’s trip to Hiroshima is his last chance to take a tangible step toward zero, which is why I am urging him to stand down U.S. nuclear weapons as a real step toward preventing another Hiroshima.

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Why Obama’s Trip to Hiroshima Matters more than You Might Think

History is being made this week with President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima.  He is the only sitting U.S. president to make the trip to the site of the first atomic bombing on Japan during World War II.  

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