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Relikte aus dem Kalten Krieg

Noch immer gibt es Atomwaffen in Deutschland. Warum die Forderung nach ihrem Abzug sich nicht durchsetzte - und was aus der Protestbewegung wurde.

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Delegates in the making: Nasra school holds first-ever MUN

The chief guest at the opening ceremony was Haneen Khalid, a representative of Global Zero – South East Asia. She spoke on how the young delegates are capable of making a difference and can play a significant role in presenting solutions for global and local issues.

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Backing away from the nuclear abyss

In short, U.S. and Russian strategic missiles kept on hair-trigger alert run the risk of being launched on false warning. This risk is compounded by the growing threat of cyber attack that could corrupt early warning or jump firewalls directly into nuclear command, control, communications and early-warning networks.

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The kind of movie that will leave you with a profound sense of existential dread, Countdown To Zero looks not just at the previous near-misses of man-made armageddon we’ve experienced in the past, but also examines how likely it is that the ongoing geo-political climate and large numbers of nuclear weapons in circulation will result in global annihilation before long. The answer? Very likely.

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Nuke Disarmament Groups ask Obama and Putin to 'Reduce Nuclear Risks'

Major nuclear disarmament groups are deeply concerned over speculations whether a Russian Tupolev Tu-160 supersonic bomber, intercepted late September in British airspace, was planning to attack the country and unleash World War 3. They have urged Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama to agree to “an immediate reduction in nuclear risks”.

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