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虎視寰球:美俄核戰陰霾不散 (US-Russian nuclear war haze lingers)

推動裁減核武的專家小組Global Zero,成員包括美俄和多個核武國家之退役軍方高層,組織早前發表報告,呼籲解除可在極短時間內發射核武之高度戒備狀態,以消弭網絡攻擊意外觸發核戰之威脅。

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Interview: Thomas Pickering on diplomacy, Iran, Korea, Russia, realpolitik, and the ethics of war

Diplomat Thomas R. Pickering draws upon his 40 years of experience in the US State Department to give theBulletin’s Dan Drollette Jr.

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Bonnaroo 2015 - More Than Meets The Eye

Next to TWLOHA you can find tents housing other organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, The Sierra Club, Global Zero, The Art of Living, Shelter Box, Eat for Equity and many more.

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Are We on the Verge of a Nuclear Breakdown?

Air Force officers at America's nuke sites work 24-hour-shifts in antique underground capsules launching fake attacks straight out of 'Strangelove' — and they're ready to blow.

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Letter: Nuclear weapons a danger to world

These peaceful negotiations are the best way to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

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