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Is Hillary Clinton really the foreign policy super-hawk she is portrayed to be?

On every issue that Global Zero measured, Clinton is indicated as far less hawkish than all three of the Republican candidates, and as basically tied with Bernie Sanders. She supports the Iran nuclear deal; the Republicans all oppose it. She supports using diplomacy to solve the North Korean nuclear crisis; John Kasich is the only Republican to do so. She supports negotiating with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons; no Republican candidate does.

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Ask President Obama to act to wind down the doomsday clock

On April 2 more than 200 excited guests, many of them students, gathered at MIT led by well known scientists, peace activists and political leaders, including Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons and former Secretary of Defense William Perry. Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action, the Future of Life foundation, Global Zero, the AFSC, and others, the "Reducing the Dangers of Nuclear War" conference was an encouraging step forward toward the kind of vigorous, informed, determined and unrelenting movement we will need to preserve life on the planet -- in the face of the inevitable nuclear holocaust which will consume it if the nuclear threat is not confronted and eliminated.

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The unsung success of nuclear nonproliferation

Obama has made little progress toward the goal of "a world without nuclear weapons" announced with great fanfare in 2009.

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The Threat of Nuclear Weapons Is Greater Today Than It Was During the Cold War

Last week more than 50 heads of state converged on Washington to take part in the fourth Nuclear Security Summit (NSS).

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Achieving A Nuclear Free World

On Clearing the FOG Radio, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese speak with Greg Mello of the Los Alamos Study Group and Lillyanne Daigle and John Qua of Global Zero to cut through the propaganda about nuclear weapons, discuss which countries pose the greatest threat and what activists are doing to push for nuclear disarmament.

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