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Five myths about nuclear weapons

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agreed on one thing at this past Monday’s presidential debate: Nuclear weapons are the single greatest threat to U.S. security.

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The Flimsy Case Against No-First-Use of Nuclear Weapons

Obama wants to do it, but his advisers are squeamish. Here’s why they shouldn’t be.

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After $1 billion is spent to address nuclear scandals, Defense secretary says there's more to be done

Two years after an embarrassing series of scandals swept this remote Air Force base, the only home to both B-52 bombers and nuclear-tipped Minuteman III missiles, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter flew in Monday to take stock.

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Duizenden kernwapens op scherp en Nederland slaapt

Het risico op een nucleaire ramp is nu groter dan tijdens de Koude Oorlog, waarschuwt Gijs de Vries, directeur van Rode Kruis Nederland.

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Scientists Demonstrate A Novel Physical Cryptographic Technique That May Have Applicability To Future Nuclear Disarmament Agreements

A system that can compare physical objects while potentially protecting sensitive information about the objects themselves has been demonstrated experimentally at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). This work marks an initial confirmation of the application of a powerful cryptographic technique in the physical world.

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