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22 December 2016

Global Zero Responds to Trump and Putin’s Reckless Calls for New Nuclear Arms Race

With just one tweet, President-Elect Donald Trump called for a new nuclear arms race -- signaling a dangerous turn for global security.

9 September 2016

Global Zero Condemns North Korean Nuclear Test, Calls For International Leadership And Resolve To End The Nuclear Threat

This morning, North Korea tested a nuclear warhead, its fifth nuclear weapon test since 2006, and second this year.

3 August 2016

Global Zero: It’s Too Easy To Launch A Nuclear Weapon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, 03 August 2016

25 July 2016

Anti-Nuke Activists Drop Banner at DNC Urging the DNC to “F*ck Nukes!"

Earlier today, activists from the Global Zero movement dropped a banner near the DNC Convention Center in Philadelphia to raise awareness about the ongoing threat posed by nuclear weapons.

27 May 2016

Global Zero Warns of Rising Nuclear Dangers As President Obama Speaks in Hiroshima

Statement from Derek Johnson, executive director of Global Zero, the international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons:
10 May 2016

Global Zero Urges Obama to Announce Urgent Action in Hiroshima to Reduce Nuclear Risks

President Obama’s historic decision to visit Hiroshima is a fitting bookend to a presidency marked by increased attention to the nuclear threat. But if “never again” is the lesson of this nuclear ground zero, he needs to bring more with him than another fine speech.


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