Dr. Bruce Blair

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Bruce is a member of the Princeton University research faculty. He is the co-founder of Global Zero, and is an executive producer of "Countdown to Zero", a feature film about nuclear danger. Bruce is a member of the Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board. He was the founding president of the World Security Institute and produced numerous documentary films and PBS television series including "Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria".

Bruce is an expert on nuclear weapons who has frequently testified before Congress. He has taught security studies as a visiting professor at Yale and Princeton universities. In 1999, he was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship Prize for his work and leadership on de-alerting nuclear forces. Bruce was a senior fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies Program at the Brookings Institution from 1987 to 2000. In previous positions, he served as a project director at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, and as a Minuteman launch control officer. He holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Yale University. 
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