We Can Eliminate Nuclear Weapons In Our Lifetime

Reaching Zero

Nuclear weapons threaten every city on the planet with staggering humanitarian, environmental and economic loss. So long as they exist we will never be safe.

30 years ago, there were 70,300 nuclear weapons on the planet. Today, an estimated 12,705 nuclear weapons remain. By 2045, we could eliminate all nuclear weapons, consigning them to the dustbin of history before the bomb turns 100.

Working with political leaders, senior military commanders and national security experts from across the political spectrum and in every nuclear-armed region of the world, we are working to achieve historic Global Zero Accords that would ensure that all nuclear weapons are permanently dismantled.

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  1. 70,300 Nuclear weapons in 1986
  2. 12,705 Nuclear weapons in 2022
  3. 0 Nuclear weapons in 2045

Reducing Risk of Use

We are at a turning point: The world has never faced so many nuclear flashpoints simultaneously and the risk that nuclear weapons will be used — intentionally, mistakenly or accidentally — is the highest it’s been since the height of the Cold War.

In response to the growing threat of nuclear use, Global Zero launched the global “No First Use” campaign to convince the world’s nine nuclear-armed nations to commit to never using nuclear weapons first. We’re working to strengthen the taboo against nuclear weapons use internationally, reducing reliance on nuclear weapons in national security and setting the stage for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons everywhere.

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About Global Zero

Since its launch in Paris in 2008, Global Zero has grown to include hundreds of eminent political, military and civic leaders and hundreds of thousands of engaged citizens globally. By combining cutting-edge policy analysis, backchannel diplomacy, media outreach and public engagement, we’re blazing a trail for governments to follow — one that leads to the lasting peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.

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