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My Experience Organizing Against Nukes for Global Zero in Pakistan

“India won’t mess with us because we have nukes.”

“The only reason Pakistan still remains as a sovereign country is because Pakistan has nukes”

“If a country threatens us, we’ll bomb them.”

A Budget Made for (Nuclear) War

Last week, President Trump released his proposed federal budget, essentially laying out his vision of American priorities. He wants to invest more money for weapons of mass destruction (aka nuclear weapons) at the expense of education, diplomacy, public health, and the environment.

Activism in Me: Activists Stand Against Nukes, Climate Change, and Imperialism in India

I understand the need for survival and the Darwinian urge to fight. However, from the chapters of history to modern day violence between India and Pakistan sometimes all I can see is hatred and a glimpse of a dark future. But on Sunday, surrounded by 51 new activists determined to change the world, I felt hope.

Activists Resist Trump's Nuclear Agenda in New York City

We believe that social power, gathering groups of people around issues, and working to sway public opinion will be the most effective way toward a nuclear weapon-free world over the next four years.

Where are the Women? The Gender Gap in the Nuclear Age

How has the understanding of gender affected the theoretical study of International Relations? Should it do so at all?

Would Your City Survive a Russian Nuclear Attack?

I work every day on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation, so I regularly find myself contemplating some pretty morbid scenarios, like calculating my chances of surviving a nuclear attack.

Is Trump’s Nuclear Command a One-Person Show? Look to Sally Yates.

If you worry that President Trump’s temperament and character are inappropriate for the commander of the U.S. nuclear forces, you may be tempted to place your hope in the so-called "two-man rule." Don't be.


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