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Global Zero at Bonnaroo: North Korea

Since its first nuclear test in 2006, North Korea has slowly but surely pushed itself to become a nuclear power. In the intervening years, the rest of the world has attempted a diplomatic freeze to the Hermit Kingdom’s nuclear program and, when that collapsed, embraced a cycle of condemnation and sanctioning.

Global Zero at Bonnaroo: Trump and Nuclear Weapons

Bonnaroo was an experience that I’m sure many will not forget. I know the Global Zero team won’t. And yet I’m sure – beyond the art and music – the nearly 4,000 people who signed our petition left ‘Roo 2017 with something else that is unforgettable: Donald Trump can launch a nuke at any time, on any country, without approval from anyone. Luckily, the power to change that is in their hands.

Global Zero at Bonnaroo: The Trillion Dollar Nuclear Arsenal

Why do most people go to Bonnaroo? To see live music? Meet new people? Get irresponsibly inebriated? Last week, Global Zero went for a very different reason: to wake people up to the threat of nuclear weapons. Not exactly your traditional music festival experience.

Questioning the Nuclear Status Quo in Pakistan

Delhi cannot be attacked without compromising Lahore, and Lahore cannot be attacked without compromising Delhi. How then is increasing nuclearisation in South Asia of long term benefit to any party in the region? Why is nobody questioning this?

Forget missile defense. Diplomacy is what stops nuclear war.

The GMD has been around since 1999, costing taxpayers somewhere around $40 billion. In that time, the system has a 50% failure rate. That means the chance that you correctly call a coin toss is the same as if an enemy nuclear missile beats the GMD.

Youm-e-Takbir: When My Country Became Great

The first time I addressed a crowd was on the occasion of Youm-e-Takbir. I must have been six or seven years old, but I remember it so vividly- rows and rows of faces turned up at me as I stood there on stage at school, and paid tribute to Pakistan’s greatness. We had just been declared a nuclear power, and the entire nation was celebrating.


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