Bernie Sanders supports major reductions to U.S., Russian nuclear arsenals

Yesterday, I attended a Bernie Sanders rally in Indianola, Iowa with the hopes of getting to speak to him about his position on eliminating nuclear weapons. Just one night earlier at the Democratic primary debate at Drake University, Sanders publicly called out unnecessary nuclear spending, highlighting the fact that the United States is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars maintaining 5,000 nuclear weapons, ultimately quipping, “The Cold War is over!” This was a big deal for the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons, so I was very excited about the possibility of getting to press him on the issue further last night.

At the end of the rally, fellow Global Zero activist Brittany and I were able to grab him for just a minute, where I quickly blurted out, “Last night you said that you supported reducing the U.S. arsenal and wasteful spending on nuclear weapons. If elected president, would you support the cut of 1,000 nuclear weapons for both for U.S. and Russia and the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons?"

To which he simply responded, “Yes!”

This is a huge deal for the #RaceToZero campaign: Last night, Senator Sanders publicly came out in support of the total elimination of nuclear weapons. A major contender for the Democratic nomination for president -- the No. 2 Democratic candidate -- essentially endorsed Global Zero’s mission.

I’m so glad I got to be a part of this moment last night. Now it’s time for Senator Sanders to lay out a concrete plan to get us closer to a world without nuclear weapons -- and for all the other candidates to commit to zero.

We’ve got a long way to go until Election Day -- I hope you’ll join me in keeping the momentum going in this campaign! Sign the petition to ask all 2016 U.S. presidential candidates to commit to zero now.

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