Celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Iran deal

The Iran deal was signed one year ago today! This was a monumental victory for the nonproliferation movement. It’s proof that diplomacy works in stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. One year later, the deal is working: Iran has complied with all commitments under the agreement, thereby blocking all pathways to develop a nuclear weapon.

This deal didn’t just happen out of thin air, either -- it took years of tough negotiating, hard-fought diplomacy and dedicated activism across the world to make it happen. And its success illustrates that with a potent mix of international leadership, diplomacy and relentless public pressure, we can prevent the spread of these devastating weapons of mass destruction, and work to reduce the global stockpile.

Moreover, the Iran deal would not have been sealed without the hard work of our Global Zero members like you. This was a huge victory for the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons, and a true testament to the power of grassroots organizing. From photo petitions to phone calls, in-district meetings with members of Congress to creative stunts, Global Zero members made sure that world leaders heard our message loud and clear: that we must pursue diplomacy over war, seal the deal, and stop the spread of the bomb. And it was worth it. Look below to see some of the amazing work from Global Zero members around the world.

A big thank you to everyone around the world who took action to secure the Iran deal. On to more victories!


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