Clinton: Trump is wrong on nukes

Yesterday, former Secretary of State and U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech outlining her foreign policy vision. She mentioned nuclear weapons a lot! But most of the time, she was referring to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s utterances on the topic. Secretary Clinton raised some serious concerns with Mr Trump’s nuclear policy proposals, but failed to lay out her own plan to seriously reduce global nuclear arsenals.

She addressed Mr Trump’s call for countries including Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia to arm themselves with nuclear weapons and criticised his flippant admission that he would be willing to use nuclear weapons “against ISIS.” Secretary Clinton said: “This is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes.”

To be clear -- there shouldn’t be “nuclear codes” to begin with. Nuclear weapons do not keep us safer, regardless of who or which country is in control of them.

“It’s no small thing when he suggests that America should withdraw our military support for Japan, encourage them to get nuclear weapons, and said this about a war between Japan and North Korea – and I quote – ‘If they do, they do. Good luck, enjoy yourself, folks.’ I wonder if he even realizes he’s talking about nuclear war.”

Secretary Clinton is right. It’s unacceptable for a presidential candidate to be as cavalier as Mr Trump about the spread of nuclear weapons, their use, and their consequences. But the Secretary also needs to step up and provide her own plan not just to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, but to set us on a path to their elimination.

The fact that nuclear weapons are even being discussed as a serious issue in this election is a big deal -- and in large part, it’s thanks to Global Zero activists who have hit the campaign trail. Now you can help continue that work by signing Global Zero’s petition to the candidates: Tell them we demand a plan to move us toward zero.

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