Congress wants to spend $30 billion on what?!

We just got word. There’s a battle going on in Congress today over the dangerous and expensive new nuclear cruise missile. And we need you to weigh in.

Send a letter to your representative TODAY and tell them to reign in wasteful spending on the expensive and unnecessary nuclear cruise missile -- support the Quigley amendment to H.R. 5293.

For months, Global Zero members have been pressuring Congress to abandon plans to build an entirely new generation of nuclear weapons. We got their attention, and today Congress is voting on an amendment that would cut funding for the nuclear cruise missile by $75 million.

The nuclear cruise missile is a new type of nuclear delivery system that is both dangerous and destabilizing. Because cruise missiles can come in both nuclear and non-nuclear varieties, it leaves adversaries unable to discern whether the incoming missile is nuclear or not – increasing the risk of a retaliatory nuclear strike. Simply put, the new nuclear cruise missile will increase the chance of a nuclear war.

Oh, and did I mention that the new nuclear cruise missile is expensive?

Plans for the new nuclear cruise missile estimate the price tag at $20-$30 billion. That’s money we don’t have for a weapon that we don’t even need! It’s all part of the Obama administration’s incredibly wasteful plan to spend $1 trillion on nuclear weapons over the next 30 years.

We have an opportunity right now to move Congress in the right direction so this kind of wasteful spending is stopped -- TODAY, your representative will be voting on the Quigley amendment, which would slash funding for the nuclear cruise missile. We need this amendment to pass so that this fight can continue.

But in order to make an impact, you need to weigh in.

Take action now: Tell your representative to support the Quigley amendment to cut wasteful spending on the nuclear cruise missile.


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