Does 15,000 nuclear weapons sound like “security” to you?

Because that’s how many nukes there are in the world. Later this month, more than 50 world leaders will convene in Washington, DC to discuss strategies to keep nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists -- they’re calling it the Nuclear Security Summit. And guess how much time they’ll spend discussing nuclear weapons?

Exactly none.


World leaders have a real opportunity to come together to talk about the ways in which nuclear weapons threaten global security -- and they’re blowing it. Nuclear weapons are literally not on the agenda. And there’s no such thing as security while nuclear weapons still exist. 

Add your voice now. Tell world leaders: There can be no “security” while 15,000 nuclear weapons exist.

The Nuclear Security Summit is key to securing nuclear materials, but we have to go further. That’s why Global Zero is calling on Summit participants to convene a gathering that actually addresses the existential threat we all face from 15,000 nuclear weapons: a Nuclear Weapons Summit to start the multilateral dialogue we need for the phased, verified elimination of nuclear weapons everywhere.

The fact is, nuclear weapons pose a real threat to us all right now. And it’s time for world leaders to talk seriously about how we can eliminate this threat once and for all -- by eliminating all nuclear weapons.

Join the call for a Nuclear Weapons Summit and for a world without nuclear weapons.

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