In the Streets Against Nuclear War

Last week gave us, among other things, reports that North Korea had the tech to put nukes on ICBMs, President Donald Trump promising to rain down “fire and fury” on the Hermit Kingdom, Kim Jong-un’s government laying out a plan to fire nuclear-capable missiles towards U.S.-occupied Guam, and Trump musing that his earlier statement “wasn’t tough enough.” In short, the actions of two impulsive and inexperienced leaders inched the world uncomfortably close to nuclear war.

The prospect of nuclear war again being waged is completely unacceptable, carrying with it the promise of devastating casualties, catastrophic environmental damage, and unthinkable societal scars. That’s why Global Zero, along with its allies CODEPINK,, Ultraviolet, and Win Without War, mobilized activists to take to the streets and stand against nuclear war. With over 100 supporters gathered outside the White House, speakers gave voice to the concerns of not just Americans but the entire world community: The power of hearing H.K. Suh of the National Association of Korean Americans declare “As a Korean, this is not a hypothetical for me - this is a reality” was indelible.

You may not have been able to join us last week, but you can still help the movement hold the wall against nuclear war. Call on your Members of Congress to support the Lieu-Markey bill, currently in both houses of Congress, which would require Congressional approval of any nuclear first strike. By taking the unchecked, unilateral power to unleash nuclear war out of President Trump’s hands, the whole world will be a much safer, more stable place.

Stand Up for Zero

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