Thank you for demanding zero.

Thank you for joining our global grassroots movement as we call on President Obama to set the world’s course to zero nuclear weapons by negotiating further cuts in the U.S.-Russian arsenals and taking the next big, historic step: bringing other nuclear powers (in addition to the U.S. and Russia) into international nuclear arms negotiations for the first time in history.  

For four years, we have relentlessly pressed the Global Zero proposal for the elimination of all nuclear weapons worldwide through every avenue: high-end commissions and conferences, private dialogue with governments, media and public pressure. It is now under consideration at the White House and President Obama is deciding how he will proceed. He has scheduled a meeting with President Putin on the side of the G-8 Summit June 17-18, with nuclear weapons on the agenda. This is a critical decision point.
Help us build our momentum by sharing the petition with your friends and urging them to join you as we make history and demand zero: