Global Zero is spearheading an audacious campaign to eradicate all nuclear weapons everywhere and unlock a world of possibility beyond the bomb in our lifetime.

We don’t believe global security can be built on threats of mass destruction. We reject the narrative that insists we accept the enormous risks these weapons pose to our communities and our planet. We refuse to be complicit in the undemocratic, unjust, and terrifyingly absolute power to kill hundreds of millions of people at the push of a button. We believe communities harmed by the nuclear weapons complex deserve restitution and justice. And we will not stand idly by while nuclear-armed governments pursue dangerous plans that perpetuate those harms and make nuclear conflict all but inevitable.

This year, we’ve undertaken a radical reimagining of our work. Leading with our values and bringing a campaign-strategy mindset to everything we do, we’ve pioneered a pathbreaking new organizational model that:

  • Carries forward an intersectional, multi-pronged, cross-functional approach to building movements and influencing policy;
  • Couples feminist and anti-racist leadership principles with an experimental mindset;
  • Replaces traditional departments and hierarchies in favor of a flatter partnership where roles are mapped to core needs; and
  • Prioritizes institutional agility, radical candor and transparency, systems thinking, and whole person support.

Change of this scale takes all kinds of people: organizers, researchers, social media mavens, artists, spreadsheet jockeys, fundraisers — and then some. If you’re an entrepreneurial, creative thinker who’s looking to make a global impact, check out the positions available below and let us know if you’re the person for the job.

Partner, Digital ($80,000 – $100,000)

The Partner for Digital will be the linchpin in the development of an online full-court press that expands our audiences across multiple platforms, strengthens our ability to raise funds online, and amplifies our message that urgent action is needed to eliminate nuclear weapons globally.

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Associate Partner, Mobilization ($60,000 – $80,000)

The Associate Partner for Mobilization will be on the front line of our work to build a movement to eliminate nuclear weapons globally. You’ll help us combine creative and bold campaigns with a sophisticated grassroots infrastructure, robust volunteer leadership program, and clear action opportunities that equip people with the information, tools, and community they need to speak truth to power and pressure decision-makers to act.

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Future First Fellow ($1,000 Stipend)

Global Zero’s Future First fellowship asks you to imagine a future where we center people and the planet above war, stop rampant defense spending from draining our communities, and work together to achieve a world that has moved beyond the bomb.

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Scoville Fellow ($3,500/month)

The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship invites recent college and graduate school alumni to apply for six- to nine-month fellowships with nongovernment organizations in Washington, DC, including Global Zero, focusing on arms control, peace, and international security issues.

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