Get U.S. Nuclear Weapons Out of Turkey

The United States keeps nearly 50 nuclear bombs at an airbase in Turkey — less than 100 miles from the Syrian border where Turkish forces are massacring America’s allies. As U.S.-Turkish relations rapidly worsen, it’s clear we need to get these nuclear weapons out of Turkey before we lose control of them completely.

These nuclear weapons were put in Turkey (and four other NATO countries) at the height of the Cold War — and even though the Soviet Union collapsed almost 30 years ago, political inertia has kept them there. These weapons are difficult to secure even in the best of times, but today’s volatile situation means they’re a lit match in a powder keg.

For years, political leaders, military commanders and national security experts have called for the removal of these weapons — arguing that keeping U.S. nuclear weapons abroad is a dangerous liability. What’s happening right now in Turkey is exactly what they hoped to avoid.

With the media focusing on this dangerous situation, the political scales are starting to tip in favor of a rapid withdrawal of U.S. nuclear weapons from Turkey. Now is the time for members of Congress to hear directly from you that this is an urgent priority.

Tell Congress to get U.S. nuclear weapons out of Turkey before the situation goes nuclear!