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Aside from the cruel, indiscriminate destruction they can wreak, nuclear weapons creation, development, and maintenance threaten countless communities with staggering humanitarian, environmental, and economic impacts. Their existence caused and continues to perpetuate injustice on multiple fronts.  

And yet, while we know how horrendous nuclear weapons are, the story we are told is that a world without nuclear weapons is “impossible” or “impractical.” We refuse to subscribe to such a limited belief— plus, it simply isn’t true. 

In 1986, there were 70,000 nuclear weapons in the world. Today, there are 12,000. How did that happen? Through collective action by regular people. Human beings created these weapons and the systems upholding them. Therefore, human beings can decide what the future looks like.  

Here’s what we believe: we can eliminate nuclear weapons in our lifetime. In fact, we have a bold, but real, plan to do just that. 

Our activists are mobilizing across the nation to build power every day to prevent nuclear war and put an end to the morally bankrupt system that supports these horrific weapons. 

Join us in building a movement to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons and the systemic injustices that uphold them, a movement that addresses the harms done by the nuclear weapons complex, and ensures these weapons can never harm anyone ever again.

This movement is our movement, let’s make history together and work towards a world free of the threat of nuclear war. Together, let’s work toward global zero

Join us.