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NATO Prepares for World Where Russia Deploys More Nuclear-Capable Missiles In Europe, Secretary General Says

Newsweek references Derek Johnson in article about NATO and the future of Russia relations. “If this administration doesn’t want Russia to build INF-banned weapons, it’s hard to imagine a worse approach than suspending the agreement,” Derek Johnson, executive director of Global Zero, an international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons, said in a statement.

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Russia, America and a new nuclear arms race

Jon Wolfsthal walks CBC host Jayme Poisson through what’s at stake as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty falls apart. “We ended the cold war once because the public cared about it … the hope is that we’ll do it again.”

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Killing the INF Treaty was a Gift to Russia

The decision to withdraw from the INF was not based on a military necessity, but a political one. Jon Wolfsthal explains in The National Interest.