President Obama could make the world dramatically safer and revolutionize nuclear weapons policy before he leaves office

But he needs to hear from you first.

What if we could ensure that the United States would never again initiate the use of nuclear weapons? It would be one of the biggest advancements in U.S. nuclear weapons policy. Ever.

President Obama is currently considering different actions he could take before he leaves office to make the world safer from nuclear weapons. One option is the adoption of a “no-first-use” policy with respect to United States’ nuclear weapons, ensuring that the U.S. will never again initiate the use of nukes. If adopted, it would immediately lower the risks of a nuclear catastrophe and set off a chain reaction in U.S. policy that strips these weapons of their perceived value. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reduce the risk that nuclear weapons will be used.

Send the president a letter -- urge him to change history and adopt a "no-first-use" policy on U.S. nuclear weapons.