Our Mission

Nuclear weapons threaten every city on the planet with catastrophic loss of life, lasting environmental devastation and economic collapse. With “red buttons” sitting on the desks of more authoritarian men than at any moment in human history, very little stands between the world we live in now and that horrific day after. One mistake, one miscalculation, one act of madness is all it would take.

Yet we continue to invest trillions of dollars into these weapons because a minority group of nations believes — wrongly — that the ability to annihilate civilian populations and permanently poison the planet somehow makes the world a safer place.

Global Zero is a catalyst for big ideas and bold leadership that move the world closer to a future free from nuclear weapons. It is powered by an unprecedented global network of world leaders, senior military commanders, and national security experts that spans the political spectrum and transcends borders and conflict zones. Over the last 10 years, the international Global Zero movement has been making the case against nuclear weapons in public, in the press, and in the halls of power in every nuclear-armed region of the world.