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UN adopts treaty banning nuclear weapons despite US oppsoition

A majority of the world's countries voted at the United Nations on Friday to adopt a global treaty banning nuclear weapons.

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Donald Trump Is a Walking, Talking Argument for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

If anything, during the initial months of his presidency, Trump’s erratic, juvenile, and frightening behavior alongside his disturbing tweets, mood swings, and general ignorance has only heightened this concern. Trump is the latest—and most flagrant—reminder that the global community has no choice but to work toward the ultimate elimination of nuclear arsenals.

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Ex-nuke commanders: Talk to North Korea, open NATO-Russia dialogue

An international group of ex-nuclear commanders Wednesday issued the first in a series of recommendations to world leaders to head off the rising threat of a nuclear war — calling on the Trump administration to open direct talks with North Korea, urging the United States, Russia and NATO to immediately establish military-to-military talks, and calling on India and Pakistan to set up a nuclear hotline.

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Nuclear Experts Team Up to Advise World Leaders on Avoiding Nuclear War

Veritable who's-who of "nuclear priesthood" say they have grown concerned over Trump and Putin's rhetoric

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Why You Should Care About the Formation of the Nuclear Crisis Group

An elite group of the world’s nuclear experts and advisers launched a Nuclear Crisis Group, to help manage the growing risk of nuclear conflict. The group includes leading diplomats with decades of experience, and retired military officers who were once responsible for launching nuclear weapons if given the order to do so. China, India, Pakistan, Russia, and the United States, all countries that have nuclear weapons, are represented.

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