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7 July 2017

Global Zero Statement on the Adoption of Treaty Text for the Nuclear Ban

After weeks of negotiation, the states working to prohibit nuclear weapons voted today on the adoption of the final treaty text; 122 voted in favor, with one state, Singapore, in abstention and one state, the Netherlands, against.

6 July 2017

Nuclear Crisis Group Reacts to Escalating Tensions in the Korean Peninsula; Calls for US and North Korea to Begin Immediate Discussions, Without Preconditions

Over the weekend, North Korea successfully test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time. The missile, which may not to have been tested to full range, puts parts of the United States within range of North Korean weapons.

28 June 2017

Nuclear Crisis Group Urges Steps To Prevent Nuclear Conflict

Today, Global Zero’s Nuclear Crisis Group (NCG), a newly-formed team of seasoned diplomats, military leaders and national security experts from nuclear-armed and allied countries, released a set of urgent recommendations to avoid the use of nuclear weapons and called on national leaders to act now to reduce the unacceptably high risk of nuclear conflict.

10 May 2017

Global Zero Statement on the Emergency Reported at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington

HANFORD, WASHINGTON -- Yesterday, a tunnel containing rail cars full of nuclear waste collapsed at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southeastern Washington State. The incident took place at the Plutonium Uranium Extraction Facility (PUREX), a plant that was once part of the U.S. nuclear weapons production complex responsible for producing plutonium for one of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

5 May 2017

Global Zero Launches Nuclear Crisis Group To Prevent Nuclear War

VIENNA — In response to the alarming rise of tensions involving nuclear-armed governments and their allies, the Global Zero movement has formed an international Nuclear Crisis Group dedicated to preventing these flashpoints from escalating to the use of nuclear weapons.
13 April 2017

Experts Warn Military Intervention In North Korea Leads To Nuclear Catastrophe

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump ordered a U.S. Navy strike group to the Korean peninsula following North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launch. In response, North Korean officials threatened to “hit the U.S.


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