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8 May 2018

Global Zero Denounces Trump’s Violation of Iran Nuclear Deal

Moments ago, President Trump announced that the United States would violate the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal.

1 May 2018

Fmr. Under-Secretary Ellen Tauscher, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger and Rear Admiral (ret.) John Gower Join the Nuclear Crisis Group

Former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security and former U.S. Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference Amb. Wolfgang Ischinger, and Former Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological) at the U.K. Ministry of Defence Rear Adm. (ret.) John Gower, CB OBE have joined the Nuclear Crisis Group, an independent nonpartisan group of globally-recognized, former military officials, diplomats and security experts dedicated to preventing crises from escalating to the use of nuclear weapons.

14 March 2018

Global Task Force Offers Roadmap To De-Escalation For US-North Korea Summit

The Nuclear Crisis Group welcomes the decision by President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to pursue a diplomatic approach to denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. The possible meeting between the two is a positive, if unexpected step — one that helps, for now, reduce the risk of accidental conflict that could lead to the use of nuclear weapons.

5 February 2018

Global Zero on Today’s New START Treaty Deadlines

Today is the official deadline by which the United States and Russia must verify that they have met the limits of the New START Treaty, an agreement by both countries to reduce their deployed strategic nuclear weapons to no more than 1,550 each.

2 February 2018

Global Zero on Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review: Plan Makes Nuclear War More Likely

The Trump Administration Nuclear Posture Review released today calls for the development of new, more usable nuclear weapons, and expanding the number of scenarios when the first use of nuclear weapons would be considered, including in response to a non-nuclear attack.


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