It’s election season in the United States, and presidential candidates are talking up their positions on everything from the economy to foreign policy and laying out their policy platforms for the next administration. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are on the record: nuclear weapons are the greatest threat facing humanity.

But so far, neither candidate has mapped out a concrete plan to set us on a path to eliminate nuclear weapons. That needs to change. And that’s why Global Zero is launching Race to Zero.

Race to Zero is our new campaign to push all 2016 U.S. presidential candidates -- Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike -- to prioritize the vision of a world without nuclear weapons and commit to develop time-bound, actionable, verifiable plans to achieve a global zero future.

Global Zero activists are already hard at work, talking to the candidates on the campaign trail and asking them how they plan to address the nuclear threat. From now until Election Day, we’re turning up the heat: Global Zero supporters all over the country will be taking hard-hitting, targeted action to pressure all the candidates to commit to a global zero future. And it's working: both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are talking about nukes.

But we need you with us. Take action today to make the elimination of nuclear weapons a priority in 2016:

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