Security can’t be built on promises of mass destruction. It’s time to put an end to policies that threaten the first use of nuclear weapons.

The world has returned to a level of nuclear risk not seen since the worst days of the Cold War. All of the nuclear-armed nations and their allies are caught up in conflicts and crises that could go nuclear at any moment.

Those risks would drop dramatically if each country committed to never use nuclear weapons first, and backed up those promises by making their weapons harder to use.

Join us and call on all nuclear-armed nations to commit to No First Use today, tomorrow, or ever. 


This effort begins in the United States. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Adam Smith have put forward the No First Use Act (S.1219/H.R.2603) in Congress, which would make it the policy of the United States to never use nuclear weapons first in a conflict. This would instantly lower the risk of nuclear war and carve out a path that other nuclear-armed nations could safely follow.

The No First Use Act would also immediately dismantle the undemocratic power held by American Presidents to unilaterally start a nuclear war by making such an order illegal.


China and India have already adopted No First Use, and momentum is growing in the United States. This is an idea whose time has come.

Whether it’s through independent legislation like the No First Use Act, or a series of agreements between pairs of countries, or one big international treaty that every nuclear-armed nation signs — this campaign will expand until every nuclear-armed nation is committed to No First Use.

When No First Use takes hold globally, the weapons intended solely for first strikes would need to be scrapped. Hair-trigger missiles would be taken out of “attack mode.” Small nuclear stockpiles meant only to survive a nuclear first strike would replace the massive Cold War arsenals used to threaten one.

All of this would dramatically reduce global nuclear weapons spending and ease governments’ addiction to these weapons of mass destruction.


Nuclear weapons threaten every city on the planet with staggering humanitarian, environmental and economic loss. So long as they exist we will never be safe. But global No First Use would pave the way for our ultimate objective: the total, verifiable elimination of all nuclear weapons everywhere.

If nuclear weapons can only be used in response to a nuclear attack, and every nuclear-armed nation is committed to No First Use, then the weapons will have lost all justification for existence. We can then begin the urgent work of phasing out these arsenals permanently and ensuring nuclear weapons are never used again.


Questions? Check out our No First Use F.A.Qs