No $1 Trillion Nuclear Arsenal (Washington D.C.)


Six years ago, President Obama promised to set us on the path to eliminate nuclear weapons. Now, with two years left in office, he's planning to launch an unprecedented overhaul of the U.S. nuclear forces that will cost $1 trillion over the next three decades. That’s money we don’t have for weapons we don’t need.

Join us Saturday, January 31st, as we rally at the White House and say NO to President Obama’s $1 trillion nuclear arsenal.

This event is free and open to the public. We’ll have a life-size inflated nuclear missile (four stories high), 3-D street art, and free t-shirts for participants. Join us - and tell your friends by sharing this page!

President Obama has reached a fork in the road: he can either make good on his promise to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons or he can commit to spend $1 trillion on an unsustainable, unnecessary nuclear arsenal. Your voice will help ensure that the President fulfills his commitment to make the world a safer place.

This event is the launch of Global Zero’s national tour in the U.S. From Washington to Miami, New York City to San Francisco, we're travelling across the country, calling on President Obama to make good on his promise. Join us January 31st and say no to the $1 trillion nuclear arsenal.

Date: Saturday, January 31st

Time: 1pm-3pm

Location: The Ellipse (south side of the White House)

We need to be able to contact all attendees in case of emergency or other changes.