Global Zero Launches Intersectional Demand Signal Initiative

We’re taking nuclear abolition out of its silo.

Today, Global Zero launches a petition campaign to leaders across the globe calling nuclear weapons what they are: an intersectional threat that must be abolished in order to reach the goals we all share. This movement will require people from across the planet, and intersectional leaders to ensure that the future we’re building is equitable for everyone.

Building and expanding on Global Zero’s work in community with other movements, this campaign acknowledges and emphasizes that the fight for nuclear abolition cannot be “siloed” off from other fights for survival and justice.

Read Partner for Mobilization Mari Faines’ statement on the campaign:

“The world is in a time of chaos. Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine, the ongoing fight for climate justice, the public health crisis in the wake of COVID-19, and racial injustice are driving social movements. These are all existential threats that have very real and proximate impacts on people’s lives. While many of these movements have begun to acknowledge their systemic intersections, the nuclear abolition movement for far too long has been operating in its own silo.

This initiative directly combats that problem. These systems of oppression are inherently interconnected and it is going to take all of us working together to create a safer, more equitable, just, and prosperous world.

By engaging in this work, we hope to bring in new organizations and people into the Global Zero movement and engage on the issue of nuclear abolition; especially engaging historically marginalized populations. We will uplift and engage with other movements on their own terms as an example of what our collective work can do to create community and a safer, more secure, and prosperous world.”

Achieving zero nuclear weapons in our lifetime is much more than a national security or foreign policy issue. This initiative will highlight organizing around climate change, public health, racial justice, and other social justice issues that intersect with the nuclear-weapons complex.

Opportunities for involvement will include a petition, educational opportunities, grassroots activism, and more.

There are many individuals working on each of these issues. But it’s going to take all of us working together to make real, systems-level change.