Global Zero: It’s Time To Push Back the Doomsday Clock

Nuclear Weapons Abolition Groups Call for Global Action

​​Today, the Doomsday Clock stands at 90 seconds to midnight. 

Of the announcement, the United Against Nuclear War Collective released the following statement:

“Our collective human failure to address nuclear threats helped push us to this point. Our current trajectory is unacceptable, untenable, and indefensible. If we’re not careful, our fear and limited thinking will take us over the edge.

“Let’s face it, today’s world is full of different and more complex nuclear threats. Russia invaded Ukraine under veiled nuclear threats and continues holding the world hostage. North Korea is escalating tensions with murmurs of a nuclear test. China is quietly expanding its nuclear arsenal. The United States is on track to spend billions on new nuclear weapons. Key international agreements keeping global stockpiles in check are gone.

“All these actions increase the risk of nuclear use. And any use of nuclear weapons, no matter the yield, could spiral into an all-out nuclear war. We must undertake efforts now to prevent such a scenario from ever unfolding.

“Furthermore, the impact of nuclear weapons extends far beyond the immediate threat. Uranium mining, nuclear testing, and radioactive waste pollution are consequences of nuclear weapons. Marginalized communities continue bearing generational health and environmental impacts from these actions.

“World leaders need to match their actions to their words, if ‘a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.’ We need our leaders to come together and work to reduce the risks, and impacts, to us all.

“‘90 seconds to midnight’ is a stark reminder of the threat that humanity’s inaction poses to ourselves. It’s the alarm to wake us up to the possibilities of human ambition and a world beyond the bomb.

“It’s time to take urgent action. It’s time to work together to turn back the clock.”

Members of the United Against Nuclear War Collective include the Arms Control Association, Global Zero, Win Without War, and Physicians for Social Responsibility