Global Zero Reacts to Seizure of Nuclear Weapons Secrets from Mar-A-Lago

WASHINGTON – Tonight, The Washington Post reported that a document describing an unidentified foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found by FBI agents at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. This is the latest addition to a collection of high-profile nuclear-related stories globally.

In reaction to this latest development, Derek Johnson, Managing Partner of Global Zero, the international movement for the abolition of nuclear weapons, issued the following statement: 

“That an ousted president could run off with highly sensitive documents, in clear violation of federal law, is stunning — but the fact that these secrets are about weapons that can kill hundreds of millions of people is orders of magnitude more consequential. Americans should be demanding an investigation: How could this happen, and why were there no safeguards in place to prevent it?

“If you’re feeling unsettled about these new revelations, it’s important to keep in mind that what’s sitting beneath that feeling is nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons expose Americans and the world to unacceptably high and, as we’re seeing tonight, unpredictable risks. That part of this story can’t be overlooked and is what makes it so alarming. It’s also worth noting that the man who carted off state secrets on a foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities is the same one who had absolute authority to launch a nuclear attack at any time — and is doing everything he can to regain that power.

“This isn’t solely about Donald Trump: it’s an indictment of the inherent flaws and fragility of the nuclear system. Nuclear risks require an unattainable level of perfection and control. If the system to manage those risks is inadequate in the United States — and it’s impossible to conclude otherwise — the same is true in every nuclear-armed nation. The world we live in is simply too dangerous and unpredictable for nuclear weapons; the case for abolishing them makes itself.”