Global Zero Responds to Gov. Gina Raimondo’s False Accusations

Statement from Derek Johnson, executive director of Global Zero, a nonprofit, nonpartisan initiative dedicated to the elimination of nuclear weapons.

“Governor Gina Raimondo’s recent false claims that Global Zero is a secretive ‘dark money operation’ are baseless and bizarre.

Global Zero is a widely respected charity that has long operated in the public spotlight. Our high-profile efforts have earned the endorsement of leaders and luminaries across the political spectrum — from Presidents Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter to Secretaries of State George Shultz and James Baker — as well as nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Since Global Zero first launched on the international stage in 2008 as a leading force for a world without nuclear weapons, we have grown to include more than 300 eminent political leaders, diplomats, military commanders and national security experts, as well as hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters around the world. Our work unfolds through widely-publicized initiatives focusing on original research and policy analysis, cutting-edge track-2 diplomacy, and public education and engagement in nuclear-armed nations.

The false claim that Global Zero is a ‘dark money think tank funded by secret donors’ is laughable. Global Zero goes above and beyond the public reporting required of all 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. In addition to detailed information about our organization, leadership, strategies, capabilities, and clear record of impact, our audited financials are available on GuideStar, which awarded us a Gold Seal of Transparency, and a list of all supportive foundations is made public on our website. 91% of Global Zero’s funds comes from these foundations — an unimpeachable group dedicated to nuclear disarmament, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, civic engagement and social good — most of which list their grants to Global Zero on their websites and in their annual reports. Those foundations include:

  • The Simons Foundation
  • Skoll Foundation
  • Ploughshares Fund
  • Schaffner Family Foundation
  • Telemachus Fund
  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Jubitz Family Foundation
  • Maurice Marciano Family Foundation
  • EarthSense Foundation
  • J.A. Clark Charitable Trust
  • Janelia Foundation
  • Santa Fe Community Foundation

The other 9% of our funding comes from grassroots contributions averaging $67 per person. It’s disappointing to see our urgent efforts on nuclear risk reduction, nonproliferation and disarmament attacked for cheap political points. I hope Governor Raimondo retracts her false claim and apologizes to the community of distinguished leaders and concerned citizens working every day for a future free from nuclear weapons. But given she didn’t bother to ask us about any of this before slandering our work, I’m not holding my breath.”