Jon Wolfsthal Named Director of Global Zero’s Nuclear Crisis Group

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Beginning March 1, Jon Wolfsthal takes the helm as the new full-time director of the Nuclear Crisis Group, an independent initiative of Global Zero. The Nuclear Crisis Group (NCG) is a new effort focused on preventing the use of nuclear weapons and developing initiatives that reduce the risk of conflict that could escalate to the nuclear threshold. It was launched in 2017 and released its first set of recommendations in June 2017.

Jon Wolfsthal is a globally-recognized expert and practitioner on nuclear weapons, nonproliferation and arms control issues. He served most recently as senior director on the National Security Council for nonproliferation and arms control and was special assistant to the President of the United States. He served previously for three years as special advisor for nuclear matters to Vice President Joseph R. Biden. Jon is a widely respected commentator on all nuclear related matters, has published or been cited in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and broadcast networks. He is co-author of Deadly Arsenals: Tracking Weapons of Mass Destruction.

“We are thrilled that Jon has agreed to lead the Nuclear Crisis Group full time,” said Global Zero Co-Founder, Bruce Blair. “Jon is one of the most widely respected experts in his field and will bring new energy, creativity and vitality to the global effort to prevent the use of nuclear weapons.”

“Jon is unique in his field, having served repeatedly both at the highest levels of government and in the nongovernmental world,” said Global Zero Executive Director Derek Johnson. “Jon has worked on every aspect of the nuclear issue over the last 30 years, from strategic arms control, to civilian nuclear cooperation, to regional nonproliferation and stopping nuclear terrorism. We are extremely fortunate to have him lead the Nuclear Crisis Group and take it to the next level.”

The Nuclear Crisis Group consists of 20 experts from almost a dozen countries, all with extraordinary experience on nuclear and security matters. Over the next year, the NCG will expand its scope and activities over the next year and seek to become the preeminent resource for governments, former officials and analysts concerned about the risk of nuclear use and how to prevent it.