Top National Security Experts Release Comprehensive Assessment of Trump Nuclear Policies

Report Finds U.S. is ‘Blundering Toward Nuclear Chaos,’ Reveals New Insights on Growing Dangers

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, the American Nuclear Policy Initiative (ANPI), a task force of former government and non-governmental experts, released its new report providing an objective analysis of nuclear policy under Donald Trump. The report finds that all of the nuclear challenges facing America – some inherited by the President and others of his own creation – have worsened over the last three years, putting American and allied security at greater risk of nuclear use.


The report features seven papers from ANPI members, detailing the current administration’s efforts on the issues of nuclear proliferation, strategic stability, nuclear modernization, Iran, and North Korea. Each paper makes clear there are growing concerns in most, if not all, of the various nuclear dangers facing the United States and its allies.

“Every President has the responsibility to set nuclear policy and protect America from nuclear war, but we have never witnessed such misguided or poorly implemented policies as we have under the current Administration. Some ideas this administration has pursued are just plain dangerous, but even in areas where they have laid out reasonable goals, the lack of a reliable policy process or consistent attention from the top keeps those goals dangerously out of reach. This group of nuclear and security experts is expressing collective concern about where we are and where we are headed, with the hope that those leaders responsible for our security, now and in the future, will take notice and think about how to change course before it is too late,” said Global Zero Senior Advisor Jon Wolfsthal, who coordinates the group.

Over the next year, the ANPI will work to develop informed, cohesive and pragmatic policy solutions for many of the near-term issues and challenges identified in this report. Beyond protecting American security interests, particular attention will be paid to the special efforts needed to (1) repair the considerable damage done by the Trump administration to the policy and the capabilities of the United States Government, and (2) effectively manage nuclear dangers in the future. 

Drawing from member’s own expertise, and benefitting from the analysis of respected and experienced US national security and military experts, the ANPI will assess what steps will be required to effectively and swiftly implement a new nuclear policy direction in the aftermath of the current administration’s approach.