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A safer world is within our reach.

For too long, discussions regarding the world’s nuclear weapons have existed in the dark corridors of marble buildings, far from the public’s reach. Meanwhile, the threat looms large. With more than 16,000 nuclear weapons in the world today – many on hair-trigger alert – our cities, communities and everything we hold dear are at risk. 
As long as these weapons of mass destruction exist, we are not safe. Which is why we must take this issue back and demand a better, safer future. 
Join us as we undertake a global effort to put this critical human rights issue at the top of the public and political agenda. We’re hitting the streets with bold action, pushing world leaders to make this an urgent priority and convene the first-ever Nuclear Weapons Summit. There, key nuclear and non-nuclear countries will come to the table to advance the phased, verified elimination of all nuclear weapons by 2030.
We have two alternatives: live in a world where nuclear weapons will be used or demand a world without them.
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